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Escape Velocity I @ MOCA, Second Yinchuan Biennale, China


I have been invited by curator Marco Scotini to take part in the Second Yinchuan Biennale at MOCA Yinchuan, China. I have proposed to create an installation comprised of slowed down field recordings and a visual score. The title of the work is Escape Velocity I and will feature recordings from Bukit Brown Cemetery, MacRitchie Reservoir and the Rail Corridor, three locales in Singapore under threat from urban development. Like my previous work Respect (Bukit Brown Cemetery I), I will be pressing my sound composition on to a dubplate record. As the dubplate is played throughout the duration of the show, the colourful calls of the creatures emerging from the grooves will gradually disappear underneath the surface noise of the medium. Very excited and honoured to be part of this!

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