Zai Tang

Sonorous Art & Design

Escape Velocity II @ ??? (undisclosed), Singapore


Commissioned by CAKE for the latest installment of Running With Strippers 2018, Escape Velocity II is a synaesthetic installation set within the concrete belly of highway. The work is an experiment in bringing the ethereal voices of the Singaporean wild to life through animation and sound visualisation. All the images within the piece originate from scans of my hand-drawn visual score from Escape Velocity I (2018), created in response to the sensuous qualities of creatures recorded in each locale. Building upon past audio-visual creations with artist and animator Simon Ball, our collaborative process is centred on experimentation between the senses; searching for ways to embody sonorous beings and the soundscapes in which they dwell through a visual choreography of animated forms, spaces and architectures. This work will be one of many taking place between 26-28th July 2018. To book your place, please email: See you there!

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