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August 01, 2013

Emerging Species @ Boomtown Fair, UK

Gentle Mystics on Main Stage duty on Friday – a selection of EMSP DJs and MCs taking over the Bad Apple Bar on Saturday – it’s going to be a sick one!


May 10, 2013

Team Aural featured in Landscape Installation Art Publication

Team Aural’s (Tang Ling Nah, atelier | small & myself) work ||| Movement was featured in Landscape Installation Art, a bilingual publication by Tianjin Ifengspace Media Co. Ltd. For more information please click the image above.


March 11, 2013

Jalan Jati Wins Best Sound @ Singapore Short Film Awards!

Zai Kuning and I are greatful to be awarded with Best Sound for our work on Jalan Jati (Teak Road). Congrats to the whole team and many thanks to The Substation and Objectifs for organising and hosting the awards!  To find out more about the SSFA click: HERE


March 01, 2013

Solo / Duet @ NUS Arts Festival 2013

I composed a piece of music for Unform, a collaborative work by T.H.E Dance Company, which is one of three pieces in Solo / Duet, featuring in NUS Arts Festival on 9th and 10th March 2013. Artistic director Kuik Swee Boon worked closely with dance-artists Sherry Tay, Lee Mun Wai and Jessica Christina to choreograph a work that questioned the intention behind one’s personal artistic journey and dissolve the boundary between performer and audience.


December 31, 2012

Ecuador –  A Collaborative Presentation @ GAC Block B Gallery

An Artistic Research Project by

Project Leader: Daniel Kok
Participating Artists: Kent Chan, Zai Tang, Ian Tan, Patricia Toh, Scarlet Yu
Consultant: Tang Fu Kuen, Chong Li-Chuan, Low Kee Hong
Project Manager: Yap Seok Hui
Supported by Arts Creation Fund, NAC

Public Presentation:
1900 – 2130, 5th January 2013 (Saturday)
Gallery, Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053
by invitation, RSVP

The antipode of any place on the Earth is the place that is diametrically opposite it, such that a line drawn from one to the other passes through the centre of the Earth and forms a true diameter. Since most of the earth’s surface is covered by water, only less than 4% of the Earth’s land is antipodal to land. Ecuador, which in Spanish simply means ‘Equator’, is Singapore’s antipode.

What can a Singaporean learn by looking at / speaking with / thinking about / going to Ecuador?

“Ecuador” raises questions on methodologies of artistic development, using the ‘journey to the other side’ as a metaphor to design strategies for collaboration and interaction. Daniel Kok has invited five Singaporean artists to define their respective artistic practices vis-a-vis one another. The artists coalesce by orientating themselves collectively to Ecuador. The dialogic process also emphasises difference, such that artists in the working group tap into each other as a resource in order to underscore personal navigational strategies towards Ecuador or a place of self-discovery. Along the way, the artists also ask themselves how the public could be guided to find their own Ecuadors.


July 02, 2012

Drive – Theatre Street

This piece was composed for Drive; an exhibition on wheels that brought the audience on a journey through Singapore’s arts & heritage district. 9 Artists were involved in the show, each creating a piece for different parts of the route through bustling city scape. My composition took its inspiration from a particular street in China Town where Chinese Opera in Singapore originated from…

Wayang, a form of Chinese musical theatre, was brought to Singapore by Chinese immigrants arriving in the late 1800’s. With it’s growth in popularity during this period many theatres were built centred around Chinatown. One such theatre was Lai Chun Yuen which existed from 1887 – 1927, at 36 Smith Street, also known as Theatre Street to the older generation.

The composition you hear sources material from an old Chinese opera record I discovered at Thieves’ Market (Sungei Road), combined with various personal recordings of Singapore’s soundscape from more recent times. To me the piece functions as a wormhole into the past; transporting the listener through the ambient remnants of a Wayang performance captured on vinyl, to a fleeting scene from the aural memory of Smith Street, re-imagined through sound.

A special thanks to Kent Chan, Mike Hj Chang, Tan Pin Pin, Jeremy Hiah, Singapore Psychogeographical Society, Perception3, Ayano Hattori, Yuzuru Maeda and all of the riders too! I was with you in spirit.


May 10, 2012

Jalan Jati @ Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Over the last year I’ve been working with Zai Kuning on a sound score for Lucy Davis’ film Jalan Jati. Jalan Jati or “Teak Road” is a visual art, science and ecology project tracing the historic, material and poetic journeys of a 1950’s teak bed, found in a Singapore karang guni junk store, back to a location in Southeast Asia where the original teak tree may have grown.

The film recently got in to Oberhausen and won the Promotional Award. Congrats to Lucy and the rest of the team!

I’ll be featuring a scene or two from the film in my forthcoming showreel – watch this space!


April 22, 2012

Theatre Street – Soundscaping The Past

I’ve been working on a composition for the forthcoming ‘mobile’ exhibition Drive, hosted by The Substation, Singapore. The audience will be invited to board lorries and travel around Singapore’s arts and heritage distract whilst listening to different site-specific sound compositions en route. The piece I have created was inspired by the history of Chinese opera in Singapore, which was primarily established in China Town in the late 1800’s by members of the immigrants community. Lai Chun Yuen was a theatre which existed from 1887 – 1927, at 36 Smith Street, also known as Theatre Street to the older generation.

My composition propels the listener back through time, into a fleeting scene from the aural memory of Theatre Street. I’ll be uploading an excerpt from the piece over the next week.


April 01, 2012

All The Lines Flow Out @ Tribeca Film Festival

I reworked the sound design and music for the final scene of Charles Lim Yi Yong’s All The Lines Flow Out (2011), just in time for the film’s screening at Tribeca 2012. The film was also shown at the Nashville Film Festival this year and won the prize for best experimental short. My congrats goes out to Charles, Lin and the rest of the team! I’m looking forward to future collaborations with Charles!


March 25, 2012

Witness Documentation

I created two compositions for Donna Ong’s installation entitled Witness; a piece exploring how we perceive and react to disasters, in particular the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 2011. The work was shown at The Chapel, Singapore Art Museum from 21st – 30th October. See more images and take a listen here.