Zai Tang

Sonorous Art & Design


Composition + Sound Design

This showreel features composition and sound design works from 2014-2015. Below you can find a selection of individual work from 2010–2018, accompanied by short descriptions and links.


Do I see what you see? | Collaboration with Simon Ball

I worked on the sound & music for Simon Ball’s Do I see what you see?, an animated film about the experiences of people living with Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA), a rare form of dementia which affects the visual areas of the brain. Featuring 6 personal stories, this animated film recreates what it feels like to live with the knowledge that your brain might be playing tricks on you and that you are seeing differently from everyone else.


Railtrack Songmaps | Collaboration with The Migrant Ecologies Project

Conceptualised by Lucy Davis, the project is the result of three years of recording birds and exploring interspecies communications, stories, songs and memories along the former Malaysian railway tracks at Tanglin Halt where a survey conducted together with the Nature Society of Singapore Bird Group recorded over 100 species of birds. Within the project I took the role of field recordist and composer of the 32 films (two of which are above) that made up part of the interactive installation.

More info: HERE


Brodal Serei | Collaboration with Emmanuèle Phuon and Amrita Performing Arts

Brodal Serei, meaning “freestyle boxing” examines the personal history and lives of the Khmer boxer beyond the thrills and spills of the boxing ring in present-day Cambodia. Weaving dance, drama and storytelling, Emmanuèle Phuon’s latest work is an intimate portrayal of the fighter’s psyche and way of living. I had the pleasure of working with Emmanuèle and Amrita on the sound design and music for this work, which was commissioned for da:ns festival 2016, Singapore.

Project Documentation: HERE


SEA STATE 6: Phase1 | Collaboration with Charles Lim

I worked with Charles Lim on the sound design and music for SEA STATE 6: Phase 1, which was commissioned for the Singapore Pavillion at the 56th Venice Biennale and curated by Shabbir Hussain Mustafa. SEA STATE is a series of work by Charles which looks at Singapore through the lens of the sea.

More info: HERE


 Fugue 1,3,5,7 | Collaboration with HCF and Associates

I worked with HCF and Associates on the sonic element for the winning Archifest 2014 Pavilion (Singapore), which went on to be awarded the President’s Design Award the following year. The primary construction material for this architectural installation was the humble plastic stool. In response to this everyday object, I utilised my extensive library of everyday sounds from Singapore’s soundscape and developed an ever-changing composition built on simple generative principles within the software MaxMSP.

Project Documentation: HERE


Once Canada Square | Collaboration with Simon Ball

Once Canada Square takes London’s financial heartland as a starting point for a surreal architectural visualisation. We used photography and field recordings distorted through digital software and our own collaborative exchange to turn the material into a seductive, graphic animation that utilises the nature of movement to explore notions of progress and development.


LiveLight | Collaboration with Oz Collective

I collaborated with Oz Collective (Alexandre Pachiaudi and Quck Zhong Yi) as sound designer for their interactive audio-visual installation LiveLight, part of i Light Festival 2014, Marina Bay (Singapore). The piece gives the audience a chance to ‘paint’ using any light source: Every light gesture or movement across the space leaves a visual trace on the ‘canvas’ infront of the participant, accompanied by fluctuating sine tones.

 Project Documentation: HERE


Exploit (Bukit Brown Cemetery II) | Collaboration with Simon Ball

This is a collaborative work with animator & film-maker Simon Ball concerning the prospective transformation (and destruction) of Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore. The work makes use of field recordings that are part of my on-going study of Bukit Brown’s acoustic environment. This was shown at STRARTA Art Fair, London and Seeing Sound Symposium, Bath in 2013.

More info: HERE

TIDBTB | Collaboration with Ming Poon & Scarlet Yu

I joined a wonderful creative team (Ming Poon, Scarlet Yu, Woan Wen & Lim How Ngean) as sound designer for  The Infinitesimal Distance Between Two Bodies, a challenging work about the relationship between two professional dancers, as they prepare themselves for a show backstage. I took a partially live, improvised approach to the sound design using my turntable, in combination with material prepared for the surround sound set up. The work was part of Esplande’s Da:ns Festival, Singapore, and showed on 11 – 12th October 2013.


Unform (Solo / Duet) | Collaboration with T.H.E Dance Company

I composed a piece of music for Unform, a collaborative work by T.H.E Dance Company, that was one of three pieces in Solo / Duet, featuring in NUS Arts Festival on 9th and 10th March 2013. Artistic director Kuik Swee Boon worked closely with dance-artists Sherry Tay, Lee Mun Wai and Jessica Christina to choreograph a work that questioned the intention behind one’s personal artistic journey and dissolve the boundary between performer and audience.

Project Documentation: HERE


Arrival Reception | Collaboration with Mike HJ Chang

I created the sound design for Mike HJ Chang’s Arrival Reception, a multimedia installation which distorts the liminal space of the door into three dimensions, both revealing and dissolving its psychological function of demarcating the public & private, the familiar & unfamiliar, the self & other. The work was part of Engaging Perspectives: New Art from Singapore exhibition at Gillman Barracks, Singapore, from January 26th – March 31st 2013.

Project Documentation: HERE


Jalan Jati (Teak Road) | Collaboration with The Migrant Ecologies Project

I worked alongside Zai Kuning to create the sound design and music for Jalan Jati (Teak Road), an animated film that traces the poetic journey of a 1950’s Teak bed back to a location in Southeast Asia, its possible point of origin. Produced under the Migrant Ecologies Project, Jalan Jati has been included in several film festivals and exhibition spaces; Oberhausen Film Festival World Tour 2013, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2013, Rotterdam Film Festival 2013, 5th Singapore Indie Doc Fest 2013 (winning the award for best sound) & Royal Botanical Gardens, Edingburgh, 2013.


Olympic Dreams | Collaboration with Simon Ball

I worked with Simon Ball on Olympic Dreams, a photographic animation following the fence surrounding London’s Olympic park, spanning the full 360 degrees around the site. In its focus on the Olympic fence, the film questions the nature of the dominant line surrounding the event. This line has come to represent a border between the Olympic elite and local residents, who are pushed away from a movement that claims to embody inclusion and community. The work was shown at This is Not a Gateway Festival and London Underground Film Festival during the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Witness | Collaboration with Donna Ong

I created two compositions for Donna Ong’s installation entitled Witness; a piece exploring how we perceive and react to disasters, in particular the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 2011. The above excerpt transitions from composition one, Sea of Voices, to composition two, Unreality, giving an impression of the sonic experience of moving through the space. The work was shown at The Chapel, Singapore Art Museum from 21st – 30th October, 2011.


An Ode to Cliché | Collaboration with Brothers Pleasant

This is a Brothers Pleasant film starring Mr Jon Paul Mitchell. It was filmed over the course of one night with a Braun Nizo S 800 on Kodak Tri-X Super 8. I had the pleasure of creating the score for this short piece. I took a completely improvised approach, in an attempt to discover how I could apply my turntable explorations to film.


All Lines Flow Out | Collaboration with Charles Lim

I composed the sound for the trailers above. Charles Lim’s work All Lines Flow Out, was shown in the Singapore Biennale 2011, at the Old Kallang Airport site.