Zai Tang

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Electronic Music



Released on Emerging Species


I’ve been listening to and writing electronic music since I was a teenager and it has always occupied a special place within me. Now that I’m older, my attachment to it has transformed; in many ways its become stronger in a more holistic sense, I feel it more through movement now because I’ve begun to open up to the possibility of understanding sound instinctively via the body, and vice versa. I’ve begun the initial steps of an exciting journey upon which I hope to expand my sonic vernacular through a deeper appreciation of  the expressive capabilities, and associated meanings, of the body in motion.

A selection of my early electronic music works (2004-2008) are now available on my bandcamp site. Here is the first track of the Fuz3 album:


“A digitally processed white-noise assault on the senses, ‘Noizu’ emerges from the abrasive depths of the Zoo Tongue archive to slap you sideways with its brittle palette, contorted groove and intricate rhythmic edits.”


You can listen to a selection of my  DJ sets here: