Zai Tang

Sonorous Art & Design


Installation Works


Respect & Exploit (Bukit Brown Cemetery I & II)

2013 | Saatchi Gallery, London

I exhibited one solo and one collaborative work (with Simon Ball) from my Bukit Brown Cemetery Series, at STRARTA Art Fair 2013, alongside Hilmi Johandi, Melissa Tan and Danielle Tay. Curated by Joleen Loh & Griselda Bear, the exhibition titled Flux – City of Change, examined ‘Singapore’s urban and imagined landscape as well as its socio-cultural history, revealing notions of memory as they relate to place.’ (Loh, 2013).

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Theatre Street

2012 | Substation / Singapore Arts & Heritage District

This piece was composed for Drive; an exhibition on wheels that brought the audience on a journey through Singapore’s arts & heritage district. Curated by Kent Chan, 9 Artists were involved in the show, each creating a piece for different parts of the route through bustling cityscape. My composition took its inspiration from a particular street in China Town where Chinese Opera in Singapore originated from. Drive was running on 9-10th & 16-17th June 2012.

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||| Movement

2011 | Stamford Green / National Museum of Singapore

This site‐specific installation was a collaboration between Tang Ling Nah, atelier | small and myself. The work explored the cycle of construction, deconstruction and renewal within the city and was comprised of three zones―remembering, contemplating and transforming―reminiscent of three movements in a single musical composition. Sound recordings from the urban environment are transformed and fused with architectural elements made from construction waste to create a distinct aural‐spatial experience. The work encouraged the public to slow down, stop and contemplate the perpetual cycle of urban transformation through the act of listening. It was 1 of 7 proposals to be chosen for Hub-to-Hub Singapore, 2011.

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Through the Mind’s Eye of a Needle

2011 | GAC Gallery, Singapore

In recent years, I’ve obsessively documented all my dreams upon waking – through writing, drawing and voice recording. Through the Mind’s Eye of a Needle is a search for an alternative method of exploring the meanings of my dream material, by translating these experiences into a sonorous form. This work was featured in a group show which I curated entitled Dream: Borderlands & Other Territories, at Goodman Art Centre Gallery, Singapore.

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Sacred Soundscapes

2010 | Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

Sacred Soundscapes was an immersive audio-visual installation exploring the significance of sacred sounds in the context of Singapore’s contemporary soundscape. I imagined the space to be a sanctum for the unique and meaningful sounds of Singapore that often get drowned out or disappear within the homogeneous urban soundscape of a bustling global city. It was open at Esplanade Tunnel Link from 9th April to 2nd May 2010.

Documentation for project: HERE


Sonorous City

2009 | Camberwell College of Arts, London

Sonorous City was an immersive surround-sound installation exploring the relationship between the soundscape and our perception of the urban environment. A series of soundwalks stemming from the River Thames form the basis of the work, which reveals an experience of London lead by the ear. This project explored potential ways of establishing a stronger connection with our environment through listening.

Documentation of project: HERE


The above piece, entitled Window Music (2009), was exhibited alongside Sonorous City, and also featured in Esplanade’s TimeZones exhibition. This work is a reinterpretation of a piece of music composed entirely from sounds recorded outside of a window in north London. It explores the cyclic nature of sound activity within the environment and the role the soundscape plays in our perception of urban space.

52nd Venice Biennale Documentation: Figments, Fictions & Fantasies

2007 | Singapore Pavilion, Venice

This work was a collaboration with  my father, Tang Da Wu, for 52nd Venice Biennale. The room created a situation for thoughtful interaction between people from different cultures, and provided an opportunity for them to reflect upon their relationship with the environments they inhabit.

The piece above, Venetian Dreams, featured alongside a digital animation of Tang Da Wu’s drawings and a 12 minute sound composition comprised of recordings made around Venice. These 3 works revolved around the notion of impermanence as a response to the incremental sinking of Venice.



2006 | Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

Fuze was an audio-visual installation reflecting upon the meaning behind sound and image collected from Singapore’s local environment. The work invited the viewer to find their own way through familiar places, interesting voices and distorted spaces.