Zai Tang

Sonorous Art & Design



 Untitled (Bukit Brown Cemetery III) - Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (2014)

Stemming from my foundation as a DJ, my live sets have developed in to using a single turntable & ‘prepared’ vinyl records to improvise with. These vinyls have been melted, scratched, punctured with guitar strings and covered in other materials and substances, to create a gritty, textural sound palette which leans towards the abstract. I explore these crackly, warped surfaces with a contact microphone attached to various implements (e.g. rubber bands, styrofoam, pen knifes) in search of interesting or unexpected sounds. The contact mic becomes a needle in itself, moving across the disfigured memory of a record that once was, and unveiling a new sonorous world between the grooves.

Since 2010, I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate live with many inspiring people from Singapore’s experimental music and performance art scenes. I’d like to thank Zai Kuning, Shark Fung, Fuzz Lee, Bani Haikal, Dennis Tan, Angie Seah, Lee Wen, Reef, Kai Lam, Mark Wong Wenwei, Yuzuru Maeda and Jeremy Hiah, for the opportunity to play together.