Zai Tang

Sonorous Art & Design



I’ve started a blog to document my projects, research and wanderings across the various terrain in which my imagination drifts. I have adopted an open-ended approach to documenting my thoughts and reflections, in search of a fluid means of mapping out pathways towards new work: I’m aiming to use this blog to facilitate a greater synthesis of ideas within my creative work and allow potential trajectories to form across the different creative disciplines and theories that provoke me. Through this process I hope to discover the inspiration I need to propel my work towards its next destination.

I see this approach as an extension of the dérive, which is a means of drifting through urban space and allowing oneself to be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters made en route. In essence, it is a method of reinventing the experience of the city away from the routine and necessity enforced within the framework of capitalism. If one were to envisage the vast landscape of human thought as an perpetually evolving city, then perhaps the dérive is the most suitable means of navigating this infinitely expanding terrain; in defining one’s own route through the hyper-metropolis of ideation there lies the potential of liberation from the limitations that are imposed upon us by the system we exist within and how we locate ourselves within it.